The Right to Breastfeed

Mothers have the right to breastfeed!

If you are menaced by SS threatening to steal your baby start breastfeeding IMMEDIATELY!! The SS must allow you enough contact to continue, and this may give you enough breathing time to defeat their adoption plans!


*In the matter of unborn baby M; R (on the application of X and another) v Gloucestershire County Council.

Citation: BLD 160403280; [2003] EWHC 850 (Admin).
Hearing Date: 15 April 2003
Court: Administrative Court.
Judge: Munby J.


“Per curiam. If the state, in the guise of a local authority, seeks to remove a baby from his parents at a time when its case against the parents has not yet even been established, then the very least the state can do is to make generous arrangements for contact, those arrangements being driven by the needs of the family and not stunted by lack of resources. Typically, if this is what the parents want, one will be looking to contact most days of the week and for lengthy periods. Local authorities also had to be sensitive to the wishes of a mother who wants to breast-feed, and should make suitable arrangements to enable her to do so, and not merely to bottle-feed expressed breast milk. Nothing less would meet the imperative demands of the European Convention on Human Rights.”…

Published Date 16/04/2003

This case establishes the right of the mother to breastfeed, and is often ignored both by judges and the SS BECAUSE THE PARENTS ARE NOT AWARE OF THEIR RIGHTS UNDER THIS IMPORTANT CASE.

Crimes come and crimes go. Homosexual acts were once a crime and now quite rightly they are not. Racial discrimination used not to be illegal and now quite rightly it is a crime. I hope and believe that one day soon it will be a SERIOUS CRIME to deprive a newborn baby of contact with a mother of sound mind that has never harmed it.

It is not just me (Ian Josephs) a lone individual saying this. I am supported in this view by TV programmes, journalists, MPs and the above article from that ultra respectable newspaper”The Times”!

The following extract from a judgement in the House of Lords confirms that alone in Europe the UK CONTINUES to allow and encourage the barbaric practice of taking children from loving and desperate parents and giving them to strangers for closed and secret adoptions without parental consent.

House of Lords – Down Lisburn Health and Social Services Trust.

Baroness Hale of Richmond. Judgement.

34.  There is, so far as the parties to this case are aware, no European jurisprudence questioning the principle of freeing for adoption, or indeed compulsory adoption generally. The United Kingdom is unusual amongst members of the Council of Europe in permitting the total severance of family ties without parental consent. (Professor Triseliotis thought that only Portugal and perhaps one other European country allowed this.) It is, of course, the most draconian interference with family life possible.

CA Doc  1.1  Lord Donaldson MR

Lord Donaldson MR, Re D (A Minor) (Residence Order, 1992) 2 FLR 332, 336. CA

‘At the risk of being told by academics hereafter that my views are contrary to well-established authority, I think that there is a rebuttable presumption of fact that the best interests of a baby are best served by being with its mother, and I stress the word ‘baby’. When we are moving on to whatever age it may be appropriate to describe the baby as having become a child, different considerations may well apply. But, as far as babies are concerned, the starting-point is, I think, that it should be with its mother.’

At present any mother with a child already in care who gives birth to a new baby almost invariably has that baby snatched at birth by social workers anxious to meet their adoption targets. Changed circumstances are rarely taken into account. 

THESE FORCED ADOPTIONS ARE WICKED CRIMES! All those odious persons involved in these crimes against humanity, the social workers, the SS lawyers, the hired “experts” and most of all the RENEGADE COMPLIANT JUDGES  should all serve prison sentences for their crimes just as their predecessors, the Nazi judges were condemned at Nuremburg!


7 Responses to The Right to Breastfeed

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  6. Dear Ian
    It goes without saying you have helped hundreds of mothers/ babies and children
    I recall/remember when We contacted you before and gave us advice. With great regret we were kept away from the baby, social services had gotten her at birth telling us lies saying that she went to foster care at 3 hours old. We recently learned they actually transferred baby to another hospital and was alone for 5 days. We tried revoking the orders the more they stepped it up many a times, the more we tried especially after she sustained injuries in there care denied medical treatment.. baby come to no harm before birth.(the pregnancy was consealed by the local authorities) isolated mum away in a different area alone,no communication no mobile.
    Allergations then started pouring out which was impossible to have happened. judges had no jurisdiction to rubber stamp the placement order/adoption order, the cafcass worker didn’t know she had been taken 230 miles away but allowed to lie about the statement she had given.
    The lies were allowed to pour through the courts ,we never had dealings with them before never mind the courts. Nobody is allowed in there not even grandparents, family.
    As time went on contact was only 1 hour a week,often social services would cancel it and tell the courts they failed to turn up. cut the long story short I’ve never been a much of a writer or blogger but trying to now. there stealing children and newborn babies from breastfeeding mothers and not telling either parent about court proceedings. Keeping them out of everything until it’s to late and the baby’s gone. They don’t work with families and never have, there’s to much money involved and to many private companies involved,including charities . There is no way to beat them we’ve protested and trying to advise if there sniffing just go. It come to a point where I had to started capitalisation of every word in every sentence for a period of 7-10 months to try and raise awareness of social services and the massive corruption involved..hope it worked , for less fortune who doesn’t understand what these callous ppl do and the crimes they commit. we’ve read judgment orders..the children’s act/policy and nothing is in there regards to parents/siblings or birth families either. The whole act including the amendments made and nothing states any of the above only adoption. (30-33) . The only thing we can say is either contact you Or a few others ..The solicitors then were earning thousands, misrepresented on 2 hearings. We went alone then need help as it wasn’t working, then they co-ludded with the local authorities and knew our every move before we made it. So no nobody can be trusted in our experience we were rinsed by them all . evil secret family courts is called that for a reason. Years ago you could enjoy your pregnancies and bonding with your baby, now ppl are lucky if they see the babies a few hours before there dragged to courts after just given birth or having a C section. We still continue to fight,we always will. They say a change in circumstances! makes no difference and it’s only supposed to be small not a big one.
    think you do a great job like others we have met . Its important for people to know what’s happening and to be extra cautious of all social services and local authorities, cafcass & family courts as there only after one thing with the best interest of their bank balances and not the child.

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