Legal Info

There is a wealth of information in this section to help you get your children back or to fight in court to keep them if the “SS” are on the attack!

This includes help in drafting a statement for the court which you will find under “Your statement“.

You are advised to read ALL the legal information in this section first however so that hopefully you are better informed before writing it out.

Solicitors that have won against SS

Jessica Good – Keith Evans & Partners (Cwmbran)
Lawyer who won and settled with damages

Robert Tolson QC – Bedford Chambers No 5
Case Williams V Newport Social Services

LJ Crispin Mastermann was so disheartened by this case that he removed the gagging order and made public this case

2007 — damages settled 2010

“Hi I spoke to u about a month ago. Well my 14 year old daughter ran away from her foster carer and came home to me; it went to court and the judge let her stay so we were happy just waiting for my 3. Boys to return bk home to me. I just wanted to thank u for ur advice n listening to me Julie greenway 07876470042 ”
Nearly all the arguments you need to present your case to the court will be found here,and you only have to pick out those that apply to and also suit your particular case.

In many courts if you represent yourself you can get technical help with documents etc from the PSU (PERSONAL SUPPORT UNIT).

In London they are to be found in room M104, Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand Tel 0207 947 7701/7703 or 4th floor Room 408, First Avenue House, High Holborn, Principal Registry of the Family Division Tel 0207 947 7737. tells you what goes on in court and how you should behave.

The above link can help if you really do need a solicitor

Remember always that it is a waste of time attacking individual social workers (who investigate themselves) and fosterers who, if they are looking after your children should be cultivated and made friends with however much you hate the idea!

Make friends with the fosterers and potential adopters if you can meet them as this way at least you can keep track of where your children are! Attack in court with all your force both the reasons why your baby or your child was taken into care,and the system that allowed this to happen!

The state stole our children

Remember also that if children are 16 or more they will often be released from care. Sometimes however the “SS” take a particular dislike to a family and say they will keep the child until 18 when the care order must expire.

NEVER MIND! There is a way out ! If a child marries at 16 then the care order ceases! A marriage anywhere in Scotland does NOT need parental consent. Take the hint!


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  2. Dear Parents,Teachers,Social Workers,Community groups.

    Freedom Talk Radio will be hosting Children Screaming to be Heard and The Silent Witnesses Conference on July 25, 9am-5pm, at the Resource Centre for London on Holloway Road.

    We invite you, or any member of your organisation, to attend this seated and ticketed event.

    There is no charge, but a donation to the registered charity is appreciated on the day. All tickets can be collected on the day from a member of our team.

    The aims of the conference are to help prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children, by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children. We aim to promote the rights of children,
    as citizens, through multi-disciplinary collaboration, education, campaigning and other appropriate activities.

    The fact is that parents who have committed no crime are losing their children to forced adoption!

    Experts who depend on court appearances for a living, nearly always agree with the local authority. They make predictions that parents just might abuse their children (including newborn babies) in the future, so these parents lose their children to permanent foster care or adoption, not for something they have done but for something they might (or might not) do!

    Over 1000 UK children a month are taken into care. Fosterers are paid an average of £400 a week per child (birth mothers get around £20 a week), and a foster agency founded by social workers getting around £1500 a week per child was recently sold for £130million! A real money driven industry!

    Parents whose children have been taken are gagged and threatened with prison if they protest publicly. At contact, parents are gagged again and forbidden to get emotional, to speak any foreign language, or to discuss the case with their children. Otherwise contact will be stopped.

    More children are taken for emotional abuse than physical and sexual abuse added together. Despite “Baby P,” the number taken for physical abuse is steadily falling as a percentage of the total number of children taken.

    What are the solutions?

    (a) Impose criminal rules of evidence in family courts so children cannot be taken unless parents are proved to have committed a crime affecting their children. Also, parents would be free to obtain a second opinion from an expert of their own choosing.

    (b) Abolish all gagging of parents leaving them free to protest openly if their children are taken, and also to say what they like to them at contact, without censorship! Two very simple changes, two very obvious solutions. But will anyone impose them and derail the money-train ?

    Don’t hold your breath.


    Our Facebook Page:


    Email Andy Peacher:

    Telephone: 01469 510 558

  3. Colin says:

    What happens when the judge finds the grounds for the LA at a Final Hearing?

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