Profiting from Care


Channel 4, Thursday 25 November, 9pm

In 2004, caring for Britain’s most vulnerable children is a multi- million pound industry. Children in care cost the taxpayer over £830 million pounds a year. That’s an average of £2,500 per child, per week – more than four times what it would cost to send a child to Eton. Yet many homes are failing to provide children with even a basic standard of care.

In this programme, Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the consequences of the increased privatisation of residential children’s homes. The investigation reveals how homes are run by private businessmen charging social services departments enormous and unethical mark-ups on services – many of which aren’t even provided. Fees of £7,000 a week are not unusual yet Dispatches finds private children’s homes which are failing the children in many respects. Homes often use untrained, and sometimes unvetted, agency staff to look after some of the UK’s most at risk youngsters – many of whom have been the victims of abuse, prostitution and drugs.

The current system is failing thousands of children a year. According to a recent report, three in five kids leave care with no qualifications at all. One in five will be homeless after two years and one in three of the current prison population has previously been in care. Tragically, some don’t make it at all, with approximately 60 youngsters dying in children’s homes every year.

Information, advice and support for people who are in care, or have been in the past, can be found by checking out the following organisations and websites.


2 Responses to Profiting from Care

  1. Innocent parents says:

    Hello parents who are victim of social service harassment

    Social service Southwark council South East London did hate crime on our Muslim race and religions and treated very badly with my family we are the most loving family with 2 children. But social services got involved with us due to take revenge of their friend accommodation provider who didn’t give us house for last 8 months. On asking house, provider became enemy of Muslim family and involves social worker who has ruined our private life, dignity and self-respect and liberty. social worker from the last 4 months had given tremendous damage to health, privacy and confidentiality by putt CP in GP without telling parents’ consent. Then the same social worker whole corrupted borough sent the same CP, which parents never know, sent to new borough, who again harassed us through police. 7 Police officers broke our door, and threatened us to arrest, searched our house, bullied and did Incivility and frightened my little son.

    Social services have no fear of God, Allah, Jesues, any God which religion they belong to !! They are very cruel, now they are made the parents solicitors and now we are ready to sue them in the court and will fight for our Rights in UK, but will not meet any liar social worker who abused their profession just for revenge and take commission for their boss.

    Southwark social services has Damaged our private life from the last 4 months. Parents and little child cannot sleep at night, due to fear of police breaking door and cruel behaviour. We are under cyber stalking, harassment. but no police was lodging complaint. When we sent complain to commissioner then one officer lodge complaint very slowly. But now Social services have made the parents from different culture very strong and good solicitors and fighting for our Rights.

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