Forced Adoption – The Book


My book (430 pages) is available at cost price: £11.30 + postage, or DOWNLOAD FREE OF CHARGE!

by clicking here.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can buy a copy directly from the author by sending a cheque or a postal order payable to Ian Josephs for £14.00 (this includes postage) to:

Ian Josephs – publisher of
20 Avenue de Fontvieille
MC 98000 Monaco

April 2009 – A SHORT EDITION of my book (166 pages) is now also available at cost price: £5.74 + postage (or download for free) by clicking here. Again, you can also buy this directly from the author by sending a cheque or a postal order for £8.50 to the Monaco address above.

“SOPHIE” has published a book detailing her personal experiences and the link is here to DAMNED IF THEY DO!

Also available as a digital download from Amazon is the recent book Abduction by author and former Member of Parliament Robert Kilroy-Silk.


12 Responses to Forced Adoption – The Book

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  6. karen bailey says:

    this goverment and past goverments who allow child stealing and the queen who passes all there laws are a bunch of child abusing criminals and family law with there crystle ball methods of emotional risk and future harm or abuse thats what yous have already done to these children by placeing them for forced adoption and your gagging clauses even a muder gets a fare triel give that to the parents of these forced adopted children and you mark my word majority of them would be retuned home were they belong with loving familys no the powers that be social services should be abolished bring in jurys and stop familys being torn apart daily and left destroyed by social services fabricated lies a thought SOCIAL SERVICES WAS ABOUT KEEPING FAMILYS TOGETHER thats a joke there just clowns in a circus act nothing more nothing less

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