Local Authority agencies get around £13,000 per placement, but private adoption and fostering agencies get around £27,000 each time they place some unfortunate with fosterers or with an adoptive family!

I wonder why none of these figures were mentioned in the programme.

The foster families on average get £400 per week per child, and it is not unheard of for certain social workers to get “generous kickbacks” from both agencies and fosterers ….

10 LAWYERS in various family court sessions spread over a year or more, (both solicitor and barrister for each of mother, father, children, local authority and guardian!) Most contested cases cost £500,000 or more… With 100,000 children in the UK, each one costs the taxpayer £150/day = over £5billion/year!

With so many snouts in the trough can anyone be surprised that a blanket of secrecy is necessary to protect this money orientated child protection and family court system?

National Fostering Agency up for sale


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7 Responses to Statistics

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  5. Dana says:

    Don’t forget this money is taxed so a fair amount returns to the government coffers!

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  7. Kath Davis says:

    The more I investigate Adoption and Fostering in this Country, the more appalled I am. It has become glaringly obvious the systemic abuse of children and their families human rights, as far as I can see Local Authorities are causing emotional abuse themselves, as a direct result of poor practices and a culture of arrogant diregard for ordinary family life. Poverty does not mean a child is neglected, many so called materially wealthy families are in fact poor in other ways which could be considered abuse, the whole child safeguarding system, family courts, Cfcass, etc, quite frankly is farcical. Most local Authorities couldnt safeguard a dead flea!

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