The Money

Some statistics from an article in the Evening Standard make for some startling and horrifying reading, it seems that not all are suffering in the adoption & fostering system in the UK.

One adoption agency, Foster Care Associates in 2003 showed the following:

  • £56 Million Annual Turnover
  • 8 Directors paid themselves £2.2 Million in fees
  • The same Director’s also paid themselves a staggering average of £285,000 each in pre tax profits.

Judges safely immune from any criticism that might adversely affect their careers in the secret family courts (eventual promotion is likely as long as they side with social services).

Middle aged professional types whose careers have taken priority over childbearing (until too late) seize the opportunity with the help of social services to take free of charge the (preferably white European) babies and young children of those in society who for one reason or another are too weak to defend themseles effectively.

Lastly of course the social workers themselves whose promotion and career prospects depend on achieving adoption targets and working to perpetuate the system.

The merciless forces of the State combine to organise and support a system of “forced adoption” that the weaker elements of society are helpless to resist.

Huge sums of money are at stake in this pernicious industry where the commodity is “children”. I believe that future generations will look back in horror at the activities of our social services in much the same way that we now regard the appalling treatment of poor children working long hours down coal mines and up chimneys in Victorian England. At least, however, even in those days the unfortunate children were usually left with their own families…

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