The Times Campaign 2008

1)      06 July 2008: Family justice: the secret state that steals our childrenEvery year thousands of children are taken from their parents, largely on the say-so of ‘experts’. It is a secret and sometimes unjust process and the system must change

2)      07 July 2008: Family courts: the hidden untouchables  – In the second of our special articles, we explain how family courts operate in secrecy

3)      07 July 2008: A Conspiracy of SilenceAllowing the family courts and social services to operate in secret allows miscarriages of justice without the possibility of redress

4)      09 July 2008: Family justice: what we can do to protect our children – A ten-point plan to make our courts system fairer

5)      09 July 2008: Family justice: your word against theirs – In the third of our special articles, we look at the pernicious types of allegation that are almost impossible for parents to disprove

6)      09 July 2008: Justice can’t be done in secret. And here’s why – We will always try to twist the evidence to fit our theories. Especially when we are wrong

7)      10 July 2008: Europe to begin investigation of secrecy in family courts – Britain faces an investigation by Europe into secrecy in family courts, amid growing political pressure to overhaul the system

8)      12 July 2008: Justice for Families – An enormous response to the articles in The Times highlights widespread concern over the secrecy that shrouds the family courts

9)      17 July 2008: A moving response to our family justice campaignThe Times call for an end to secrecy has produced a huge reaction – except from the man who could change it

10)  22 July 2008: Times wins ruling over secrecy of family court – Details of private family court proceedings that led to a mother fleeing the country with her son after he was placed in foster care have been disclosed after legal action by The Times.


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