DAMNED IF THEY DO – A True Case Study

These 267 pages are hard reading. For they work on your heart and your tears.

They are the full blown version of this summary of how it works.

But life writes the best dramas, doesn’t it… Except it SHOULDN’T in the case of Social Services, Local Authorities and the Judiciary of the UK!


2 Responses to DAMNED IF THEY DO – A True Case Study

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  2. CHILDREN SCREAMING TO BE HEARD I think that says it for most of the British Population, sadley the Brits only march if it is for benefit cuts bedroom tax or as we saw at the rally the legal aid cuts other then that the Governments continue to rule the Brits with a few pounds a week in benefits whilst they take the kids and the elderly into care TIME PEOPLE OF ALL RACES IN THE UK TOOK ON BOARD THAT UNTIL THEY SPEAK UP AS ONE VOICE FOR ALL IT WILL GET WORSE AND FOR THOSE PEOPLE ARRIVING FROM OTHER COUNTRIES THEY WILL ALSO LOSE THEIR CHILDREN TO THE MULTIBILLION POUND INDUSTRY,

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