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Heartbreaking ‘Wish List’ Written By A Child In Care.

Researching Reform

If ever there was a story which highlighted everything that’s wrong with the fostering system in England, it’s this list of wishes from a child in care, published today.

The child, who wishes to remain anonymous, reflects on their life in care and the things they hoped would have happened differently.

In one of the paragraphs, the child asks foster carers not to leave foster children out. The example of biological children receiving easter eggs or advent calendars and foster children not being gifted the same items is heart breaking. What kind of foster parent would discriminate against a vulnerable child, or any child in that way? The kind that’s clearly not fit to be a parent, and most likely using the child as a means to extending their income.

In another paragraph, the child recalls being treated as if they had a lower level of intelligence for being in…

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CSE: 3,000 more lines of inquiry in Rotherham abuse investigation

Rotherham Politics

ALMOST 3,000 more lines of inquiry and 20 further suspects have been identified in the last six months by investigators looking into child sex abuse in Rotherham, the Advertiser can reveal.

The National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Operation Stovewood was set up in the wake of the Jay Report and covers from 1997 to 2013.

Prof Alexis Jay’s report – published in 2014 –  said up to 1,400 children in Rotherham, mostly white girls, had been subject to exploitation and abuse during the 16-year period, mainly by men of Pakistani heritage.

Read on…,cse-3000-more-lines-of-inquiry-in-rotherham-abuse-investigation_22515.htm

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BREAKING: Forced Adoption Protesters Occupy Child Minister’s Home

Researching Reform

Forced Adoption Campaigners have been protesting outside the home of former MP and Children’s Minister Edward Timpson for the last 72 hours in a bid to raise awareness about the practice.

Eugene Lukjanenko, who was in the news last year as he battled social services to get his son back after being placed in foster care, has climbed onto Mr Timpson’s roof to ask for his son to be returned to him.

Eyewitness accounts from real time video recordings suggest that Mr Lukjanenko was assaulted by Mr Timpson as he tried to remove him from his roof. It is also alleged that Mr Timpson then took Mr Lukjanenko’s phone after he was filmed assaulting him.

Campaigners wanted to ask Mr Timpson why he refused to look into forced adoption methods in England and Wales and have accused him of self interest. Timpson is alleged to have private financial interests in fostering…

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Urgent Appeal: Can You Help This Mother Find Her Daughter?

Researching Reform

Diane Berresford lost her baby through a forced adoption and is now looking to be reunited with her daughter, Sarah, who turned 18 three months ago, in February.

An article in the Derbyshire Times offers more details, not just about Diane and Sarah, but about the child protection process and is a must read for anyone working in the sector.

Far too often families inside the family justice system feel as if they’ve been badly treated, ignored and bullied. Of her personal experience with child protection professionals Diane says:

“A day after my daughter’s first birthday they came to remove her from my care. They wanted her to go into foster care. I said ‘over my dead body’ but they said if I didn’t co-operate, they would call the police.”

She also goes on to describe the assessment process and why its flaws can make it all too easy to remove children…

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Local Authorities’ Handling Of Neglected Children To Be Investigated.

Researching Reform

The government has just announced that it will carry out a series of inspections on public bodies working with neglected children.

The inspections which will start in May this year, aim to assess how effectively organisations like local authorities, police and probation services work together to help and protect children aged between 7 and 15, the age group considered to be most at risk of neglect, abuse and exploitation.

There will be 6 inspections, which from May until December will focus on children’s experiences at the hands of these organisations. Findings highlighting what works and what needs to be improved will be published when all six inspections are complete.

A further overview report will then be published to offer guidance on good practice in this area.

An initial series of inspections were carried out in January 2016 which looked at children at risk of sexual exploitation, and those who went…

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