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Fighting for justice


Who can help me? Feels like no one’s there, when you have bills in the thousands because of court proceedings when all you want to do is protect your daughter 😞

So the inevitable happened, it was only a matter of time before it would of done anyway and maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about it on here. But I need to get it out, I need to scream but I can’t!

Back in July of 2016 my daughter told me her half brother from her “father” had been sexually abusing her she’s only 6 him 9 a repeated pattern of what he done to my sons when I was with his dad.

Court never listened to me wouldn’t even entertain what he did to my boys, so he was given no extra supervision when my daughter was having contact. My daughter told her “father” what had been happening…

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Social Workers Are Still Visiting Schools In Secret – It’s Time To Stop It.

Researching Reform

In a case which bears all the hallmarks of shoddy child protection practice, a social worker has been criticised and a council fined for abducting a child from school to place her with new carers. 

This case has several aggravating factors.

The first is that the local authority decided to remove the child but never told the parents or the child in question, who had learning difficulties, about their decision.

The social worker in the case then went to the school unannounced, and removed the child. We do not know whether the child willingly left with the social worker or understood what was happening at the time.

The council’s reasons for removing the child without anyone’s knowledge was that one of the child’s carers was uncooperative and aggressive, and another carer failed to attend meetings. The carers in question were the child’s biological aunt and uncle. The child was also being…

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McFarlane For President?

Researching Reform

With the news that the current President Of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, is set to step down next year, speculation will soon mount as to who will succeed him.

Munby’s decision to retire appears to stem from deep disappointment over the lack of progress inside the Family Court during his time as President. In a recent interview, he told The Law Gazette that there was “depressingly little to show for over two years’ hard pounding”.

Enter Justice McFarlane, an appeal court judge who works on Family Law cases, and who has recently begun to produce highly political judgments and calls to action urging improvements inside the system.

His provocative speech to the Family Justice Council earlier this month, where he called on the government to rethink the country’s adoption policy, and his overtly political judgments, which he is using to highlight problems inside the Family Courts (

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The Buzz

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Your Story: Share Your Family Court Experience With Researching Reform

PLEASE go for this golden opportunity!!!

Researching Reform

The Researching Reform blog often hosts real stories from inside the family justice system, whether they are families’ experiences or child protection professionals’, however we have started to receive an unusually high amount of requests to share stories, so we’re offering families, and anyone else who would like it, an open platform to amplify their voices.

Your Story is a series which will feature family court experiences which need to be heard, either due to alleged miscarriages of justice or a desire to alert the public and policy makers to a specific problem inside the courts.

Our first story will be published tomorrow, and is about a forced adoption gone wrong, which features some remarkable errors.

All the stories we add are fact checked by us, and will be published without names and information which could lead to identification of the parties where reporting and legal restrictions apply.

We will ask the same…

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Government To Scrap Dangerous Opt-Out Clauses From Children’s Bill

Researching Reform

After months of campaigning to remove clauses from a Bill which would have placed children’s lives at risk if implemented, it looks as if the government has finally decided to drop the exemption clauses from the Children and Social Work Bill.

Fierce opposition to the clauses came from the child protection, child rights and activist movements within the family justice system, which saw members of the Lords, social workers, pressure groups, politicians and charities join forces to stop these clauses from being passed.

The opt out clauses would have allowed councils to forego legal duties and responsibilities towards children, in order to experiment with child protection schemes.

Researching Reform, along with many, many others, campaigned to highlight the very serious concerns these clauses raised, and we’re beyond delighted that these clauses have been scrapped.

Before we can celebrate though, we’ll have to wait for the government to sign off on…

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