THE PEDRO CHILDREN are going back to Portugal – thanks to Consulate and Embassy!

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Brussels was worth it here! Now let’s see how to turn the other victims round! For the Police dared to arrest another Brussels pilgrim!

Originally posted on The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council - without paper work:

After Slovakia, 14 04 18 Portuguese Embassy Portuguese officials managed to stop a forced adoption and return the children to their home country!

The two youngest children will not be adopted and all of them will go back under the supervision of Portuguese authorities!

Carla was woken up with the good news up by the phone call of TVI – one of the TV channels in Portugal.

These are the first articles publicising the excellent news:

Latvia must be next!

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DEAR MEPs: Please ensure Seven Action Points for Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

19 March 2014 will be forever memorable for all of us (some 30) who were in Brussels. My unsorted, uncommented photos are here.

Here’s the official video where Committee business is on the agenda, before individual petitioners make their plea and I present Abolish Forced Adoptions without Parental Consent on behalf of 1,000 children taken into ‘care’ every month.

Here’s the 3-minute summary that Portuguese TV put together:

Here’s the video of my 6-minute presentation.

It was accompanied by these 9 slides.

And these are the seven action points mentioned during the meeting of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament: Continue reading

DEAR MEP, if you want to be re-elected, will you commit to our ‘pro child’ agenda?

14 03 23 Slide 9When you go to, you can type your postcode and find all your elected representatives, including MEPs.

There are 73 MEPs from the UK who, in theory, could contribute to our Battle for Britain’s Children. The picture is the last slide I presented in Brussels to the EU Petitions Committee.

You could write:

Dear MEP,

This is to ask whether you are willing to take on a ‘pro child‘ stance and help families locally while supporting Child Rights in Brussels. Here’s our wish list:

1. on behalf of foreign nationals, will you ensure consular visits, i.e. allow foreign children to be visited by the representatives of their embassies and consulates – to speak in their native language? This would ensure the enforcement of

2. in local councils, will you stop forced adoptions?

  • this would ensure that family judges in the UK eventually will stop dispensing with parental consent ‘in the best interest of the child’ – i.e. exert not only a trauma on the child but also the birth parents and whole family who have not committed any crime;

3. in Brussels, will you take up the topic with the EU Commission and the Petitions Committee?

4. Please note Early Day Motion 950 that Lib Dem John Hemming MP put down regarding Deaths of Children from Child Abuse and Child Neglect in England:

That this House notes that prosecutions for manslaughter and murder as a result of a child death in 2011 were 16 and in 2012 were 19, but in 2013 were 34; further notes that this would imply an increase in the number of child deaths from child abuse and neglect; further notes that Ofsted hold records of significant incident notifications as a result of deaths of children suspected to have occurred as a result of child abuse and neglect and that Ofsted did until 2012 provide lists of those notifications to the hon. Member for Birmingham, Yardley for his research and analysis; further notes, however, that Ofsted are now refusing to provide that information either through freedom of information or through a parliamentary question; further notes the thesis of the hon. Member for Birmingham, Yardley that the wrong children are taken into care as a consequence of the concentration on removing young babies from their mothers and the difficulty of assessing risk at birth given that risk factors change later in life; further notes that in 2010 1,400 babies under one month were taken into care, but in 2013 that figure was 2,013, a 45 per cent increase; recognises that the statistics are aligned with the thesis that more children are dying as a result of child abuse and neglect as a consequence of the concentration on younger children; and believes that this issue should be reviewed urgently.

My case involves … Council and … children aged …

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PORTUGUESE IMMIGRANTS caught up in UK ‘adoption scandal’ – in an English paper in Portugal

20140325_150239This is a very good and comprehensive article about the latest state of affairs around the Pedro couple – in an English speaking newspaper in Portugal. I am especially proud as I took the pictures!

Since then, the best news is that they’ll be seeing John Hemming MP as well as their local Nick Boles MP tomorrow!

And at 9pm their story will be on Portuguese TV: use this link

Maybe it was all worth it: the wading through documents, attending court in Lincoln and being kicked out for ‘not being independent’, preparing for Brussels and being there…

My current suggestions for action are on

Continue reading

DEAR SIR JAMES: please return our children and make forced adoptions reversible!

This is the gist of presenting Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to the EU Petitions Committee:

Action in Brussels:

Action in UK:

  • Everybody can write to Sir James Munby, the current President of the Family Division and copy whoever else.  

Let people see:

1. the 3-minute clip by Portuguese TV: with Phil Thompson [Walsall Council] and Terence Steele [Sutton Council]

2. my 6-minute video presentation to the Petitions Committee meeting in Brussels on 19 March 2014:

3. the whole Committee session:

4. John Hemming MP‘s blog post about European Parliament Petitions:

5. Christopher Booker‘s article:

6. The Irish Post writes:

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MEPs must investigate this child-snatching scandal

Social workers who take away children is one of the most disturbing human rights scandals of our time

This is the latest article by Christopher Booker who has been covering the topic regularly once a week.

Here’s the live presentation of our petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent that he’s referring to:

And here’s our online petition collecting signatures.

More on What Next after our pilgrimage to Brussels?

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LIFE AFTER BRUSSELS? For the Pedros in a Police Cell after TV exposure in Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

The official emblem of the European Parliament.

The official emblem of the European Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the video of the Petitions Committee meeting which followed this agenda.

Individual Petitions:

Collective Petition: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

  • I showed these PowerPoint slides while speaking.
  • The Vice Chair of the Committee, Spanish MEP Willi Meyer said that my presentation was ‘flawless’…
  • Our desired outcome was achieved: the Chairperson committed to an investigation into the UK – but only after the MEP election in May, with the new Committee.
  • Our Dutch co-campaigners want to get together in July.

Then Jose Pedro and Phil Thompson, together with a few others took this folder to the UK Embassy, who sent them to the British Consulate which was closed for them! Filmed by Portuguese TV here.

Meanwhile Latvian TV interviewed me, on behalf of and together with Laila Brice and the most remarkable Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP who is the motor behind these ‘pro child‘ initiatives.

The Individual Petition by Latvian Ilya Antonova in the Netherlands was the dot on the i: he showed the brutal removal of his screaming siblings by the Dutch Police.

Embarrassingly, the Dutch Minister said in 2009 he was proud to have been inspired by the UK with their Social Services. Christopher Booker writes in The Telegraph: Dutch Social Workers catch the English Disease.

This morning I got a phone call from Grantham Police telling me that the Pedros had been arrested – for conspiracy to abduct children (their own).

After 12 hours in a police cell with 2 cups of tea, I learned more:

  • 6-8 officers came to invade their home and handcuff them without a warrant
  • they took even the tablets of the children, besides ID cards, tickets to Brussels, mobile phones, laptop, computer, etc.
  • eventually they actually were given a good duty solicitor and were sent home – with a warrant that mentions the Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent ‘group’!

Watch this space and KEEP the FAITH!!!

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