SCREAMING CHILDREN (from age 10) will be heard, promises Family Justice Minister Simon Hughes MP

This video also published on Robin Hood Revival is an amazing collection of snippets about accusations, abusers, media reports, victims and campaigners. 44 seconds of my 6 minutes at the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels are clipped into 21.03 of the total of 48 minutes.

I got the link on the day of this promising news: children will be given a greater voice in the family justice system so they can tell judges how they feel and what they think about the family disputes they are involved in.

As always, noble intentions:

Children and young people should be at the centre of all proceedings.

At the moment, it is still too often that their views are not heard.

Of course how we move from the present court practice to one which implements this change will need careful discussion with all those with proper interests, including the President of the Family Division, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) and Cafcass.

BUT: he talks as if children end up in care only because of custody issues between parents, i.e. PRIVATE law, when, in fact, PUBLIC law applies, when Social Services get Police to snatch children every 20 minutes. Therefore: what about all those children over 10 Continue reading

EXPOSURE TONIGHT: Don’t Take My Child – ITV – 10.40 – 11.40

TONIGHT: Don’t Take My Child – ITV – 10.40 – 11.40


  1. How representative will the programme be of the reality of deprived and suffering parents?
  2. Will it be biased?
  3. What difference is it going to make

Here is the associated website.

Here’s the video for a month.

PAEDOPHILIA: a long term agenda, policy and re-education programme!

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHAT IF one looked at paedophilia as a virus that has the effect of damaging children such that they will never be happy or able to procreate?

WHAT IF we considered paedophilia a state of mind (and sex organs) that urgently requires attention – but the right one?

Instead, as part of Indiana University, paedophile Alfred Kinsey set up the Kinsey Institute in 1947 in order to legitimise the sexualisation of children. For whom to benefit?

The Stop the Kinsey Institute is an initiative to counter the far reaching development that this institute has made via the UN as its latest achievement.

This Kinsey Brief highlights the history.

In the UK, an example was the showing of ‘porn cartoon’ to children in August 2012:

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ALARM RAISED as 19 babies vanish from council care – Sunday Times – 08 June 2014

The crawling babies sculptures by David Černý ...

The crawling babies sculptures by David Černý on Žižkov Television Tower, Prague, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article is here, but behind a ‘paywall’.

However, the Sunday Express has related news: Secret Service infiltrated paedophile group to ‘blackmail establishment’:

And Judge Gareth Jones makes it plain: Social workers are NOT beyond the law: Judge blasts social workers telling them they ‘are not above the law’ 

What on earth makes them act as inhumanely as they do, I fathom to understand… But it’s weird: on one level they need the courts to legitimise their actions, on the other they act as ‘independently’ as possible.

  • They punish parents by cancelling or shortening their contact sessions.
  • They impose unacceptable conditions such as not speaking their native language – one of the reasons why petitions were taken to the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels by Latvian citizens
  • They demand parents not to show love and emotions and not to talk about whatever proceedings may be ongoing.

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BARONESS WARMSLEY’S speech on Child Protection in the House of Lords

English: Joan Walmsley, Baroness Walmsley, add...

English: Joan Walmsley, Baroness Walmsley, addressing a Liberal Democrat conference in the Bournemouth International Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Baroness Walmsley

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your clear speech on 27 June regarding child protection with your 3 questions!

As a first step, I linked to it in my post about the deep web on Victims Unite: TOR BROWSER – the gate to the deep, invisible web of paedophiles plus.

On 19 March 2014 I told the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels in these six minutes, “it’s too much” what we have seen, are seeing and are unable to stop:

In the worst of all cases known,

  • The oldest daughter was molested by her foster carers and never saw her parents again since she told them;

o   Haringey Council are NOT facilitating contact with the parents who ended up with seven years imprisonment – where the jury was rigged, as a court usher told us – just as 200 parents a year, as Harriet Harman MP quoted already in 2006; Continue reading

TOR BROWSER – the gate to the deep, invisible & hidden web of paedophiles plus

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Join the dots: unfortunately, #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain and the deep wide web of paedophiles…

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:

The Paedophile’s Handbook may not be on top of your TO VIEW list of links. But that is what you can find when you dig deeper, as this 8-minute video describes:

In fact, the deeper you dig, as Wikipedia describes here, the more you discover pure crimes:

  • killers to hire
  • drugs and arms
  • access to porn that includes children with ‘hidden wikis’ for discussions and chats…

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AUSTIN MITCHELL MP has asked for the most violent child snatches to strengthen parents’ legal rights



Austin_Mitchell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Austin Mitchell MP has asked me for a list of the most violent snatches to strengthen the rights of parents:

1. the snatch of a HUNGARIAN baby in a  CAR PARK:

o  described on this petition.

2. Then there is this LITHUANIAN 6-year old who was removed while his mum and grandmother were handcuffed and taken to a Police cell:


o   This is my latest case which I want to give my best shot because the father was charged with sexual abuse of his boy, but Brent Council is NOT protecting the boy!

3. The PORTUGUESE family was deprived of their FIVE children, after the father was handcuffed and arrested without documents:

o; Continue reading