Ian Josephs coined the term ‘forced adoption‘ and published a book with that title besides the website Forced Adoption which I revamped into “Punishment without Crime”. I wanted you to see all his gems more easily and be kept up-to-date about this scandalous subject.

Here he is speaking here at the Conference on Child Stealing by the State – organised by UK Column in 2011. If you email Ian or ring him in Monaco on 0033 626 875 684, he’ll ring you back.

Here’s a video conversation with Ian Josephs in the Cornwall Community News  and here’s part two – how the world views UK ‘Social Services’.

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  1. Virginia O'Brien says:

    Thank goodness there are people out the like Ian Josephs and John Hemming.
    My Grandchildren are about to be stolen by the state. Their father has not committed a crime. He gave them into care, thinking it was for a few days for respite, because he was ill. The mother who was away from the home at the time,later admitted smoking a drug. Now the father and the grandparents have a life sentence. Thank goodness for facebook they will find us eventually.

    • Thank You for sharing your tragedy, Virginia!


      • Anonymous says:

        it is apparent the social serivces are still being trained by paeodphile exchange members and that psychiatrist the people responsible and oligated to make personality profiling when parents are assesed for parental suitablity regardless of reason for the profiling including mental health, in short attend a psychiartrist and disclose you are a parent they will automatically presume along with their abusive socialworkers a parent is unfit, they systematically abuse mothers epsecially the whole system of psychiartrity is based on abusive pracitice including paeodphilia thinly disguised as therapies. do not trust a psychiartist they are corrupt and they even take the piss and laugh at the fact they know they are percieved as bad but it doesnt stop them acting as the bottom feeders they are. if you attempt to explain or even complain that as a patient has a preference that they do not like for example a political preference they make that a fact of illness, so for example a eastern european doctor objecting to socialist patients based on far right motives left over from the soviet era or anti christain hatred from muslims doctors for example, objects to medicating men for being voilent but is abusive towards women. Why would a native brit want to be treated by racist muslims or eastern europeans you have to jump their stigma before they even treat you fairly mental health providers are the biggest cause of stigma and it is getting worse now we have rid the big players of paedophilia now we have a new wave of immigrants taking over under the old authorities. look at their hospitals and medical mental health and child protection standards for yourself. that is where they get their training. then jump ship to be with more powerful paeodphiles. the whole mental health stigma derives from psychiatrist so they feel enabled, and social workers to feed ther paedophile rings. as a mental health patient it is less painful more prudent not to have children and to commit suicied euthanise the doctors offer nothing but abuse. failure of offer appropritate treatment for pnd should be tested in court under the sda. however looking at the failures for example by russians arabic countires especially and eastern europe with their corrupt track record and child traffiking their training has very little to offer the uk as an alterntive to the paedophile information exchange. i mean who wants be treated by an indian doctor whose country is corrupt and cannot verify his work history. or where qualifications easy to fake. or a russian or eastern european doctor with poor child protection laws. and even worse equlivant nazi style regime for mental health. have you visted the fraud museum and his theory of the royal road to peadophilia lies and excuses. the americans are the biggest harvester of child porn and children adoption and trafiking now they come to work in the uk to push their privistation of the nhs, and private adoption.

  2. mr /mrs tony tootle says:

    my grandchildren today have just had her 2 kids takin for adoption liverpool ss have told that many lies they have took them to day 13 /2 /2013 she ask ss for help and the help she got was to take her kids from us .we have done nothing wrong all we wont is to have are grandchildren back home if someone can give me some advice please get in touch loving nan /grandad

  3. mr /mrs tony tootle says:

    thank i will phone him tomorrow we have just got back from my daughters we fonud her bits as we all are all is she is saying what have i done wrong and it nothing she is just lost we are just worried that she will do somthing bad

  4. vob says:

    I know what you are going through, you feel powerless. If you for any reason are unable to
    get help. I suggest ring Nigel Priestly in Huddersfield, he deals with Grandparent’s he can help you get involved to stop the local authority keeping your grandchildren. 01484 538421

  5. mr /mrs tony tootle says:

    hi thank i will phone tomrrow .we do feel powerless and we lost in are world .just dont now were we can go from here liverpool ss they lie about evethink they have DESTROED A LOVING FAMILY THAT HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG TO NO ON

  6. No one deserves to have their kids taken away without wanting to have them adopted, unless they have done something criminal….My heart goes out to the parents who have had their kids taken away forever, that have not done anything to lose them whatsoever, as I have a daughter and I would not be able to cope if I lose her…Thank you to Ian Joseph Monaco and John Hemming MP, for fighting for justice and for uncovering this shameful act on behalf of Social Services, Family Services, Local Authority, Police, Family Courts etc

  7. mr /mrs tony tootle says:

    social services in liverpool took my grankids this year all on lies and i have all the paper work to show it. it is still going on in the uk nigle copper this week sent me a email telling social services to give his little girl back to him.family courts caffcass are all in this together i sent a letter to john hemming and i went to see my own mp but got no were . all i got was 2 kid put up for adopted and all we wonted was rest bit over the weekend that is the only crime we have done i own my house 4 bedrooms. i am in now deat with no one but ss say no courts say no caffcass say no everone say no but can some one tell me what crime have

  8. mr /mrs tony tootle says:

    yes i can appeal there was a final hearing in januray 2013 our barister said i can appeal in 6 months social sevicers of liverpool will not concider me or my wife as fosters our adopters my deauther will be in rehab for 9 months and will be sending her ex parter to prison for assulting her she is the victim .we also was passed for fosters but they were comeing out to do a final assesment on us but didnt get back to us with the final assesment and they also took our bank details please help us thank you so much for takein the time to read this

  9. amanda says:

    I was wondering if I could get any help. When I was 17 I gave birth to a beautiful baby who’s now 1 year 5 months old. Unfortunately since before his birth I had social services on my back. I hadn’t done anything wrong but I was referred to them as I was a ‘young’ mum.

    During my pregnancy I suffered with really bad hyperemesis gravidurum. Social services had all the papers and proof of this but continued to call me a liar and said I was anorexic.

    When my son was born, the next day I was forced to leave him at the hospital to go to a meeting where I was told me and my baby was going to be placed in foster care together. At this point the dad wasn’t there to help with the baby until the baby was six months old due to a history of domestic violence when social services decided he was able to see the baby, he was a good day to baby, but was still abusive to me, never once did the baby ever witness any violence, baby was always cleaned loved and fed and looked after.

    In July 2012 I was told I was going to a meeting when social worker asked me if she could have the baby and talk to me in private after that she didn’t let me see my baby again for a week no warning.

    She just called the police and had my baby taken there and then she said it was due to his safety because I was seen as ‘slightly depressed’ and because the dad was there which was agreed and arranged by them.

    In january 2013 I stood against social services in court to try and get my baby back. Unfortunately me and my family lost our fight and on the 30th march 2013 I had to say my final good bye to my baby.

    I was promised I’d be able to keep pictures of him regularly and have letters, and they’d arrange for me to meet the adoptive parents even though I didn’t want him to be adopted. It was in the court order that I met them, to this day I haven’t heard anything. I’ve tried ringing and texting but being ignored. I no longer have any contact with the dad.

    I’ve tried my hardest for my baby. He was always well clothed and had food. He never went without and we had a amazing attachment. I miss him every day but unfortunately he was cruelly taken away, and for anyone else going through this I wish you the best of luck.

    Social Services aren’t there to protect kids. They’re just there to get money. They shouldn’t be focusing on parents that have slight mental health problems but can manage their babies. They should focus on the kids being abused and beaten starving not the innocent ones!

  10. This has the whiff of the same fetid stench wafting round all things handled by, and stamped indelibly with the stain of social services. What is it that turns those recruited to this government quango into such heartless monsters?

    It is obvious that this young person, just seventeen when she became a mother, needed help, not degradation and condemnation? If young people are to learn from their mistakes, and we all make those during our lifetime, then support for them, and their families, should be encouraged so as to improve their chances for the future. It’s not to be expected that these government agencies will be complicit in the kidnapping, sequestration, and forcible adoption of a tiny baby who may never know his own mother, and whom the mother may never see again.

    Too often, one mistake hounds the history of so many who lack education. Therefore, it seems reasonable to suggest that the best way to tackle the problem is to train and educate those young adults who may have slipped through the educational system, and offer further education rather than free hand-outs, before they emerge into the hard-bitten world of reality where they discover it’s no longer the family’s business to prove they can adequately care for an infant once social services are involved.

    I have long believed that domestic science should have remained on the curriculum of all secondary schools. The trouble is, there are no qualified teachers, even if there were posts available in the giant academies, so enthusiastically embraced by educational gurus in recent times. When will the busybodies, who claim to know what’s best for us all, realise that not all youngsters are academically able; that their strengths lie in practical skills so essential to all in our everyday world?

    The nanny-state now assumes a draconian status when it comes to those who, for one reason or another, emerge less educated. Officials, always believing ‘they know best’ will deliver platitudes at best, and downright deceptions/lies at worst. Generally, it has proved to be worst case scenarios that turn up on these pages with mind-numbing regularity. So much has been written about child-abuse and child-abduction, one would think these government-sponsored bullies would think twice before embarking upon yet another case of molestation, but no…no lessons have been learned, and the law is flouted time and time again by those who have sworn to uphold it.

    Those at the very top echelons of our society; who demand our obedience while inflicting more taxes and restrictions upon us, should think about recent happenings in countries round the world where the most downtrodden in those societies rose up and rebelled against oppression – and the tyrants who inflicted it. I do not believe the British people are that different. After all, so the fable tells us, it’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back!

  11. Leona Deehan says:

    I need help getting my grandchildren back. There is no proof or good reason why the were taken from us, except the are blonde with blue eyes. Please help us.

  12. Lisa Taylor says:

    hi i tried 2 ring the no. above 4 ian but i couldnt understand the woman on the phone it was a foreign language.I was at court last friday -18th november 2013 and magistrates have recomended adoption im deverstated my mam put in 4 a residence order and i wanted my 12 month old son returned 2 me (his mam where he should) but social services and the guardian wanted adoption i dont understand it though as in may this year the same county court give my mam a residence order on my 6yr old son ****6months later**** they go 2 the extreme of adopting my 12 month old son out 2 strangers wen he has a perfectly good family of his own here who want him more than anything in the world im at a loss totally deverstated i dont know what 2 do or where 2 turn please help me

  13. Can you phone Ian Josephs as a first key advisor, please?

  14. Mumof2 says:

    Our family has suffered so much at the hands of the authorities (Family Courts, SS, Cafcass, Police) that we have had to leave the UK. It has destroyed our whole family. We left everything and everyone and have had to start a new life and even learn a new language. The way ALL of the UK authorities abuse parents and their children is an absolute disgrace and it just has to stop. I am not the only Parent here from the UK who has fled the UK with their children for exactly the same reasons. I am no longer proud to be British 😦

  15. kitty says:

    hi does anybody know of a solicitor whom can act in the cornwall area and who is NOT in cahoots with SS and the gang!??? x kitty

  16. monique and dave says:

    My husband n I were wrongly abused by a police officer while the after hours social worker ripped my daughter from my arms, that was a year n half ago, she is living with my grandparents who started this mess, the Cort date is April 3 2014 and they want to put her there permanently, when we visit her our daughter gets scared of my grandmother and we fear she is spanking her and we don’t do the spanking thing it’s violent we use words, anyways I’m also pregnant due from March 27 to April 12 2014, the ministry says their taking him at birth even though there is no proof of anything negative against me, the ministry is acting like I’m single they haven’t had my husband have any say about if he is capable of taking care of our babies, the social worker is trying to make me give a letter to the psych therapist stating she suggests that our daughter is in her best interest to not b with me and I am to go to a psychiatric hospital treatment n drug addiction place for 3-5 years, I’m so scared because I’m a good mom and if they take this baby that’s 3 they’ve removed from me for no reason, I have photo proof that I’m a great mother to all my kids. what do we do?

  17. kelly smith says:

    hi i ave two children in care very unhappy and i need advice on how to remove the care orders.my children r split n my son is in a home n as been scince he was just 8 years old.socail services have never looked for a foster home 4 my son even through its stated in last care procdings that he was to be placed in foster care and never has been.i t2o children at home who live with me and my partner in our 3 bed house.a very stable safe envoirment.my children at home are age 1 and 5.my cbildren in care are 13 and 15.the socail worker to keeley said i have not a chance of removin the care order cause ive two children at home.i need advice my children are starting to rebel and i see my son on drugs and in a d out of prison 4 rest of his life if i carnt get him home n show n give him A normal famliy life please help me

  18. Hi

    No one has been interviewed by an officer of the law regarding any crime committed against any child in the case.

    Grandparents , Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc sentenced to at least 15 years or more of no contact with the children aged 3 years, 1 year and new born through placement order. awarded by the so called Justice system.

    Our Human Rights violated.The Rights of the Children violated,

    Justice does not exist for some members of society.

  19. lynn says:

    Dear Mr josephs and mr booker I would like to talk to you about my family case it is I believe different to most peoples and hopefully you may be able to share some of it to prevent what has happened to us to other young people and their families it involves a young person with significant mental health problems where first social care said they wouldn’t or couldn’t help then going with care proceedings so something that was going cost 100000 now costs 3000000

  20. Ian Josephs’ number is at the top of the page: 0033 626 875 684.

    He may convey your story to Christopher Booker.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a single mother of a 2 year old wee girl .I was attacked in the street from a ex friend my daughter was with me at the time and S’s took her saying it was for 3 days they lied it has been since Oct 20 15 .I see her twice a week .I have no court order to keep her with ss it’s a voluntary order by me agreeing.ive spoke with ian josephs he said take her bk at a contact bit I’m scared as they will get a court order or stop access I’m scared all alone with no family or the father can some help me I live in Scotland.

  22. Vivienne Baker says:

    Hi I have been given your name by a lady you have given her excellent advice on her case wonder if you could help us please I am a grandmother of 3 beautiful baby’s aged 3 porscha kayman aged 2 and kaylam 15 weeks we are losing them though the system mm y daughter is dew in court final hearing may 3 4 5 6 may the social worker just 3 weeks ago said she was a star now we have bad report she know my daughter has bi polar but has never affect her in looking after her children please help me please my name is vivienne baker email viviennebaker64@gmail.com tel 01656856369 my story is on Facebook vivienneTomlinsonbaker we are in bridgend area of Wales the lady you are helping is in Swansea
    Kind regards

  23. sandra swift says:

    My grandchildren have been adopted.their. last date 14th July. We have not done anything to them.they constantly harassed her.my daugh ter.she is a single parent of two beautiful children.4 and 2.they cold not find any neglect.and because she was given impossible number of tasks to do.to prove herself a good mum.given a label.of borderline personality disorder.apparently this does not exist.she had a breakdown.the health visitor.her only friend at time.was moved.after offering to give support.her notes were not taken into acount. At the family courts.or my letters.or the fact that thereally was no neglect
    .she was without nappies.when I came to babysit.and they put that on record.mumbrella was stressed out.with the constant pressure of the s.s. forcing their way in.we did not know that they could not come in.etc.I couldn’t afford a solicitor as was working.

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