MIND THE GAP between Politicians, Academics and Real Life Victims: #ForcedAdoption before #EP_Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

15 07 08 AdoptionsHow predictable: after my six minutes of passion on 19 March 2014 when 30 parents had accompanied me to Brussels and put their hopes on getting their children back, there is now this academic report by Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn of King’s College confirming what Ministers have written to us:

  • the Law is clear – no violation of Article 8 – the right to family life
  • everything is hunky dory – never mind inequality of contact and ignoring judgements of other countries as well as international treaties
  • it’s all in the children’s best interest…

Never mind the realities that we have observed:

  • Forced Adoptions cover only 4% of the 1,000 children taken every month;
  • children taken without paper work and ‘evidence’ made up as they go along the secret family court route;
  • children given to their abusive fathers;
  • mothers fleeing the country to give birth abroad;
  • over-representation by the UK in the EU Commission’s 9th Annual Forum on Child Rights;
  • Labour’s adoption targets continued as ‘permanence targets’ in Public Service Agreements – collated by former MP John Hemming;
  • the UK having ‘exported’ their system to other countries such as The Netherlands – let alone the statistics and the need for McKenzie Friends such as Ian Josephs for over 50 years!

And now some of the children turned adults come forward:

This article was already published in April 2012:

Since then the number of signers is maybe the best ‘evidence’ of the gap between the real world of victims and paper world of politicians and academics:

However since then two whistleblower kids have exposed the real mechanisms in their worst of all child snatching cases:

  • Child Snatching is the first step to a whole spectrum of activities devised to ruin families and destroy individuals for life
  • Forced Adoptions can be used for the purpose of abusing children sexually
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse are understatements for the list of crimes these two child victims have experienced and witnessed, together with 18 other children – at the hands of 70+ abusers
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse is at the ‘high end’ of the spectrum of depravity, violence and criminality that you wouldn’t dare to attribute to ‘authorities’ and ‘celebrities’.

But that’s the reality we have to wake up to: the Truth if we can Handle it. It’s just like the gap between the internet media and the mainstream media…

Please take action:

  • There are only 3 UK MEPs who are members of the Petitions Committee in this Parliament:
  1. Tim Aker: tim.aker@europarl.europa.eu
  2. Daniel Hannandaniel.hannan@europarl.europa.eu
  3. Jude Kirton-Darlingjude.kirton-darling@europarl.europa.eu

And 2 MEPs are in the JURI Committee of Legal Affairs:

  1. Mary Honeyball: honeyball@europarl.europa.eu
  2. Sajjad Karim: karim@europarl.europa.eu

Find your MEP in your constituency. There are 8 for London.

  • Write to them.
  • Tell them about your case, your council and how the Law was NOT followed – either in spirit or by the letter!!!

Or even submit your own petition: http://www.petiport.europarl.europa.eu/petitions/en/registration/form

Here’s what I sent to those five MEPs.

And here’s Adoption without Consent as our critique of the report that the Secretariat will send to all Committee members before the debate on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a 2-page Nutshell version.

You can watch online here:

But here’s the real challenge – published first in 2009: EU making paedophilia legal across Europea.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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